Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Located in Europe, just south of The United Kingdom, in France. During our week long trip to London, we took a bullet train underneath the English Channel into Paris and spent the day there. Since it is the shopping capital of the world, of course, my mother wanted to go. So we went. The bullet train underneath water was extremely cool, a quick hour trip and we were there. As soon as we got off the train was when I immediately stopped liking Paris. The odor was immense and disgusting. This was probably from the hundreds of homeless people who set up their cardboard boxes in and around the train station. The sight of a grown man urinating five feet away from me as I walked out of the train station was enough of Paris for me. But the train didn't leave till that night so we stayed to tour the city and shop. The city got better with time-the Eiffel tower, museums and more shopping that I can imagine. The last stop of the day was the Louvre to see all the art, especially the Mona Lisa. We waited in line to get in as if it were a ride at Disney, it took forever. We finally made it in and started walking around and there were tons of amazing paintings and cool artwork. We were there for the famous Mona Lisa though. We found her by following the crowd and when we finally got in the room, it was the smallest painting I had ever seen. It was about a 2x3 ft painting and you couldn't get closer than 10-15 feet from it. Guarded by bullet proof glass and guards, yet again Mona Lisa and Paris were a let down. We looked around a bit more and then headed home. I was the happiest all day when we finally boarded the train and I left Paris for good.

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