Sunday, November 28, 2010


When I was in 9th grade, my family went to Banff in Alberta Canada, which is near Calgary, right above Washington and Montana. We went for a week on spring break to go skiing and snowboarding. The town was beautiful, covered in snow and exactly what a small ski town would look like. It was a lot of fun, until we actually started skiing. The first day on the first run my mom tore her ACL and her meniscus which ended her trip not even 24 hours in. We went to the hospital and spent most of the night there. The next day my dad and I decided to head back out right after lunch. We were going down the mountain and I slid out and broke my wrist. That night we were back in the hospital the entire night. Even the doctors recognized us that second night. What started as a beautiful trip turned into a week in the hospital. It was a fun trip for the little we spent on the slopes. But I dont think we will be going skiing as a family again anytime soon.

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